The Flame Lily

Starting our 2014 Amazing Race with my favourite flower, the Flame Lily. When I was a child I would walk in the bush and pick arm fulls of this ‘Gloriosa Superba’ (botanical name), and fill the house with them.

Flame LilyFlame Lily 2

Christmas and New Year has always been such a special time for our family and when the rains are right, the first flame lilies (national flower of Zimbabwe) appear just in time for Christmas. This year they were a little late but on New Year’s day Rodney and I found these in the bush. May the fire of God flame in our lives at the beginning of this year so full of promise and opportunity!

9 thoughts on “The Flame Lily

  1. Dear Ellie, I was so excited when I got your blog info. I still think of the wonderful time we had with you in 1985. Hard to believe it’s been that long ago. Bless you and all with Afrika wa Jesu. Will continue to pray for you all. Johnnie Sherlock

      • Sister Ruth Long and Marilyn Tarvin have gone home to be with the Lord, within 6 months of each other, I think 2 years ago. Sister Oney is doing very well and still traveling to Israel and Honduras. I was traveling with her to Honduras until about 4 yrs. ago. So blessed to see all that Deborah & husband are doing also.
        Love in Jesus to you over the miles

  2. Dear Rod and Ellie
    Awesome blog! I loved the pics and commmentary. Made me feel like I was there again.
    Looking forward to being with you this summer.

  3. Dear Rod and Ellie
    Congrats on your lovely blog! I love it. It’s wonderful to read and see what great work you are doing bringing the gospel to the people of Mozambique. Nice seeing Pastor Mariano on one the pictures, missing all of you. Still want to do that project with you.
    God bless, Carlo & Riana

  4. What a fun and wonderful way to keep up with you! The photos are beautiful! Much love from Ron and I as well as all your Grace friends–XOXO

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