Apostolic Seminar in Nacala

Jan 2014 (211)

Rod is working hard to finish our cottage. I am falling over boxes, tripping  over drills and the dust is flying. The end result will be so worth it!

Jan 2014 (214)

Apostolic Seminar in Nacala with leaders from the North was powerful, anointed, a very special time. Personally I am so grateful to Doctors Christian and Robin Harfouche, International Miracle Institute, Pensacola. In all honesty, it is through these anointed teachings that we have been lifted to another level in the Word of God and in ministry, enabling us to impart to Mozambican leaders what we have richly received. I always tell them, ‘This is what I am learning at IMI Bible School.’ These testimonies from Mozambican leaders say it better than I can..

The anointing  is changing our nation. My spirit man, was quickened for the MISSION and THE MEANING OF THE GLORIOUS BLOOD OF THE LAMB,  became so real. New vision has been planted on my heart and new ways how to lead people to Christ. I was deeply touched on the mission to win the souls for Christ. I believe and feel, that it’s time for me to lift my head and walk straight in the Apostolic dimension in my Province.”

“I have a profound interest to know the truths about APOSTOLIC WOMEN. I had never had such liberating teaching on this topic before. The Mozambican culture puts every woman very low place and voiceless. Really, women have no saying even in most churches in Mozambique. Afrika Wa Yesu, is carrying the torch of Women’s Freedom, for our entire nation. Cultural and traditional barriers were broken in my own life. It’s my desire and I am determined to take this mantle and message across the nation. The women are needed for the fulfilment of The Great Commission. I want to see the Mozambican women free from the bondage of tradition and the yoke of devil.”

I want to thank God, who has brought me from my home till here, to show me His wonderful works. Secondly, I acknowledge the impartation which came as a direct result through The Apostolic Seminar. THE BLOOD OF JESUS, touched me most. This year, I have received the challenge to do and go beyond where I have been and did last year. It’s not time for the church to sit. Thank you”IMG_0536


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