This time our AMAZINGRACE sends us running in opposite directions…


…Rodney to Nacala and Ellie to America.

The Amazing Afrika wa Yesu Team carries on with ministry and distribution of supplies to people who fled the fighting, and children continue to come to school on campus. Continue reading


OUR AMAZING RACE… She was described as: “The only man in the cabinet.”

Included in the list of ‘Great Women of the World’, alongside Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Catherine the Great, Indira Gandhi and other powerfully influential women, Golda Meir is one of my personal favourites. When asked if she ever wanted to be Prime Minister of Israel, she said, “No, I would have preferred to live always in the kibbutz. But just like my milkman who never chose to be a commander of a machine gun unit, we had to do what was needed.” Continue reading


When the Devil closes a door, God will open a lot more!

Pushing my bicycle through the long grass, reaching people we have never reached before.

Pushing my bicycle through the long grass, reaching people we have never reached before.

It is one month after the fighting started at Inhaminga. Miraculously, the town as a whole carries on much as normal. The people from Dimba valley are scattered to different areas, many of them still living in the bush near our campus. The barrage of rockets, machine gun fire, AK 47’s launched at them several times, followed by soldiers setting fire to homes is reason enough to run. And run they did, carrying babies, dragging small children by the hand, some even carrying their chickens and pulling their goats as they were able. They will not return to their homes till all the soldiers are gone, and until they believe it is secure. Many have no homes to return to as they have been burned to the ground. Continue reading