Keeping Pace with Our Amazing Race… through Atlanta, Georgia

Keeping pace demands an increase in speed and the ability to capture the imperative, letting go the unnecessary. We loved a ride in the R 66 Turbine belonging to our friends, the White and Eaton families of Jackson, MI.

Keeping pace demands an increase in speed and the ability to capture the imperative, letting go the unnecessary. We loved a ride in the R 66 Turbine belonging to our friends, the White and Eaton families of Jackson, MI.

Live the journey, enjoy the ride……….. and capture it so you never lose it. Secure it so it lives and produces in you forever.

The secret of a journey is in immersing oneself into the culture of living souls. People, is what it is all about. With this in mind, we walked downtown Atlanta to feel the buzz of Peachtree Street. In the centre is the Hard Rock Café, a Hollywood company was shooting a movie, tourists milling around. If you go far enough along Peachtree Street, there is the area of magnificent pent houses of the rich and famous. Some years ago we stayed with a friend who lived next door to Elton John’s Atlanta home. The foyer of each penthouse is open to the other penthouse dwellers, leading to closed doors of exclusivity where each lives their own culture. Elton John’s foyer was decorated with Versace chairs and had painting of young men peering backwards over their shoulder. Mmmmmm, we remained just a few moments to marvel at the chairs.


Deciding to walk through the streets to the Martin Luther King (MLK) Memorial Centre, rather than take a taxi as most tourists do, was the best decision of the day. After a few paces into the inner city we were approached by a tall, Rastafarian looking man with a wild eyed, lean and hungry look. We wondered if he was lean and hungry for our money and were cautious as he came up close and personal in our faces. However, he introduced himself politely as ‘Kenny’ and said it would be his pleasure to show us around. We accepted and stepped into one of the most fascinatingly described pages of recent American history we have had the privilege to read from a man’s lips and gestures. No official tourist guide could hope to compare.

Rod and Kenny

Rod and Kenny

Graffiti art covered the walls of old buildings, overgrown gardens had no flowers but beds for sleeping off a hangover.

Sleeping it off

Sleeping it off

Kenny explained that these building were the business centres and banks of ‘White America’, which later moved Peachtree St. way and then were owned by successful black business men. Sadly there was not much sign of success any more. It all looked very dilapidated. The old fashioned small stores still function in the old buildings and Kenny pointed out the famous little bakery that serves sweet potato cheesecake. “Bill Clinton came all the way from Washington just to taste this sweet potato cheesecake,” he said.

A yellow bicycle in front of a small store attracted our attention and we walked in through the door into a small grocery. A man with a huge smile greeted us and we got into conversation with him. He told us how he used to be one of the ‘bums’ sleeping in the old flower beds and how his life was changed when someone took time to tell him about Jesus. He got involved with one of the many churches around and started running errands by foot for a bit of money. Soon he bought a yellow bicycle with a basket in front and he started pedalling, (pun intended). He pedalled goods from his baskets while he pedalled miles and miles up and down. His little business grew over the years and now he sold goods from this store, “Still going to church every Sunday, YES MA’AM!”

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A PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS. We carried on walking; Kenny explained the meaning of the pictures people paint on the walls of the old red brick buildings. We reached ‘the eyes of the street’, the face of one of the civil rights heroes that had lost his life for the cause. It was such a great tour full of much more than space permits me to share. It was not just a walk, but an encounter with history and a connection with the present.

The Eyes of the Street

The Eyes of the Street


It’s one thing to have a dream, and another thing to make that dream become a reality.


I have a dream!

I have a dream!


Then having vision, there must be the ability to articulate, initiate and follow through on the vision.

I wonder, has the world ever been in greater need for great leaders than today?

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BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN………. is a great woman, (or as the proverb goes, an even greater woman!)

Atlanta (12 of 13)

My wife has always been stronger than I was through the struggle…….in the darkest moments she always brought the light of hope. I am convinced that if I had not had a wife with the fortitude, strength and calmness of Corrie, I could not have withstood the ordeals and tensions surrounding the movement.”

We were very touched by reading this and more. In this day where much injustice continues in Africa, injustice that is no longer coming from white people but black upon black, our hope lies in men and woman of vision and courage who stand together for the same principles that MLK stood for. Couples who will work side by side and establish the vision of the Kingdom of God.

We cannot solve this problem with retaliatory violence. We must meet violence with nonviolence….We must meet hate with love.” MLK


The system we live under creates people such as this youth. I’m not interested in pressing charges. I’m interested in changing the kind of system that produces such men.”

DID YOU KNOW………… that President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is today considered one of the most racist men on planet earth?! How the tables can turn.


There are more churches in Atlanta city than we have seen anywhere! It is good to know that a lot of them are still in full use. When will we learn the way of the Cross?


It was at Ebenezer that Rev. Dr. King Jnr. Helped form the basis of this nonviolent direct action philosophy toward racial discrimination. Here some of his greatest sermons were preached. We loved walking through this church, into his study. When one experiences history it gives hope for the future.

Today is history in the making that will be remembered. In our families, in our communities, in our nations, in the world. Let’s make the best contribution possible towards a good future.

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Cause to Celebrate……….. To fulfil a personal mission to celebrate Jesus Christ and make Him known.

So here is our real reason for being in Atlanta.

Atlanta (3 of 13)

Reprint of ‘BEYOND THE SHADOW’ By Ellie Hein

An epic true life African Adventure. A story of love, war, life and death, tears and much joy.

Though the book was first printed in 2001, it is current due to Mozambique once again hanging in the balance between war and peace.

Blood is spilling but we are not yet over the edge. Pray for the peace of Mozambique!


If you call the following numbers at Christ for the Nations with your credit card ready, they will bill you for the book and mailing and send it to your address.

Bobbie – 214-302-6276              OR              Paula – 214 302 6243

SPEAK TO YOUR NEAREST BOOKSTORE and encourage them to order some copies to place on their shelves.

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A good amount of reviews and a high star rating on demonstrates to the public that the book is a worthwhile investment, encouraging more people to buy and enjoy our book. Here are some of the reviews, help us by adding yours! 😉

Nickie Geldenhuys If anyone has even just heard the word missions, he should read this book. But beware, it could break your comfort zone open… as you gasp, and laugh, and cry, be sure to listen to a still small voice that may be speaking to you.

Jenny Humphrey Everybody should have a copy of this awesome true life experiences. A wonderful testimony to God’s love grace & mercy.

Amy Wiggins This is one of the best books I have ever read! A courageous love story unlike many you have heard before. It’s about a love for a people group, a war torn nation, starving and dying and in desperate need of a Saviour. Rod and Ellie Hein heard the cry of the people of Mozambique and accepted the Call of Jesus on their life to go and help bring healing and restoration. Ellie wrote this book to share their story of hope. It’s full of adventure and near death experiences. It’s full of hope & joy. You will laugh. You will cry. It’s a beautiful story. Everybody should have a copy of this awesome true life experiences. A wonderful testimony to God’s love grace & mercy.


We saw and did a lot in just two days! 

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