Travellin’ light no matter the load… nor the road!

Hello fellow Companions of our Amazingrace!

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Glad this is not our load! They travelled from South Africa through Zimbabwe headed for Malawi through Mozambique. We found these wheels parked at the Zim/Moz border post. Hopefully they made it all the way through heavily flooded roads ahead.

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The drive is long but never boring. ‘Free Roadside Laundry’. People bath and wash clothes in the pot holes along the road.

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Driving past a big ditch filled with water after a heavy downpour. A deliciously naked swim for kids living in mud huts far from any surface water.

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Welcome to Inhaminga. Politically unpopular, Inhaminga is probably the shabbiest town in Mozambique. Punishment for supporting the opposition. Three kilometres out, Afrika wa Yesu is one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation.

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The main street of Inhaminga is worse than the muddy one we came on.

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Children enjoying playing in the main street mud.

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My favourite road on campus to our house. Every morning I find crested guinea fowl here but they are so shy that it is hard to snap them. They are a beautiful, metallic blue with fine spots and a pretty crest like curly hair on top.

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These were snapped during a visit to Mana Pools some time ago.

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The forest is full of mushrooms. Some are edible, these are not.

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On the steps of ‘House of Joseph’. Rod meets with Pastors Armando and Mariano for discussions.

We have much planned for 2015 and already it seems 2015 has surprises planned for us. Our wet season has exceeded itself and many places are flooded with some lives lost and many roads washed away.

Politics and threats of war with some skirmishes continue and  soldiers have once more arrived at Inhaminga as well as other places.

While there is much injustice in Mozambique and change is needed in this nation, change is not likely to come through the barrel of the gun and threats of dividing the nation.

Neither can the government wipe out the opposition with guns and bombs and by sending in young inexperienced men wet behind the ears to fight against seasoned rebels.

We are good at waiting to see what will happen while hoping not to see what could happen nor what happened last year.

Whatever our circumstances, our glorious commission never changes……preach the gospel, make disciples, teach all men, women and children, establish the church of Jesus Christ.

Whatever the climate, political or otherwise, we are ready for an amazing year and living in great expectations of good things.

Enjoy the ride with us!

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