Dear Friends…

Hello from a flooded Mozambique where tens of thousands are homeless and have lost everything they ever had. In the midst of the tragedy here, we believe for a supernatural flood of Holy Ghost power and comfort for the people whose lives have been devastated. 


Recent (13 of 37)  Even as I write this, rain is falling again. We are seizing the moment to show the love and care of Jesus to as many as we can reach, taking food and basic supplies and preaching the gospel.

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Our latest newsletter shows some of the pictures and daily reports can be found on Afrika Wa Yesu Facebook page. Through it all we are seeing God touch many lives. We are so glad to be here at such a time as this. 


Our Bible School students have started coming in. With these floods, if we have our normal number come in it will be a miracle. We believe in miracles. With many bridges down and the main road to the North being cut in half at Mocuba due to that bridge being totally broken in half, travel is not easy. We have to go through Malawi to get to Nampula now.

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It appears it will be many months before the road and bridges are restored. The North has been without power for some weeks, what a time of trouble for Mozambique with much political upheaval also.


All that is happening here is not inconsistent with the troubles in many parts of the world. Certainly it is a reminder that every day is a precious gift and every moment to be seized to the fullest to the glory of God. We can never lose, Christ has already won, we are privileged to harvest at such a time as this.

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We thank you for your support to us, to this ministry. Right now it seems even more valuable and needed than ever. God is faithful and His faithfulness is shown through people like you and others who believe in what we do and care about the people of Mozambique. Thank you with all our heart. We pray and believe for supernatural provision to increase within your own ministry and for protection, courage and strength to fulfil every vision and call of God that is upon your hearts.

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As I write this, I feel so much joy, so much faith and hope at the evidence of God’s hand, His Promises and Love that can be seen in every life that opens to Him. The saddest story can be rescued and turned around for Him.

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Like the two women at LuaLua whose husbands both drowned at the same time, having first gotten their families to safety. The husbands were brothers, they returned to their houses to try and salvage some of their things and were swept away and found four days later.

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One leaves a widow with six children, the other a widow with seven children. These widows and children (like so many others at this time) had only a pile of mud left and the clothes they were wearing. Not a pot, not a blanket, no food, absolutely nothing.

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To have someone come to them and minister to their need, give comfort, share Jesus and buy all necessities for them was a miracle from heaven for them. Some day they will be fully healed and restored, their lives will be put together again and they will recognise there is a God in heaven that cares about each person. Right now they are still numb, but very grateful.

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Afrika wa Yesu Team is growing numerically and in Christ. Praise God for the faithful ones that have been with us so long, and for the new ones that come on board. Church planting is running way ahead of us, we can’t keep up and while we do our best with seminars, conferences and leadership training, we cannot cover all.

Gorongosa (3 of 29)

Right now we are building a sizeable church in Gorongosa town, having recently completed the church at Quelimane. Lino and Telvina are living on site, pastoring and overseeing the construction at the same time. Yesterday Telvina gave birth to a little girl, Naomi, their third child.

Naomi (1 of 1)

So many wonderful things are happening. We want you all to know that we count you as a vital part of our lives personally, as well as a vital part of the work of God in Mozambique.

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Thank you for your kindness, for your giving and for all do for Jesus where you are.

We love you,

We appreciate you,

Rod and Ellie.

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