Our Amazing Race…….EGYPT – Impacting, vibrant, fascinating! PART THREE

Finally, the final part of our AmazinGrace Egypt blog. It comes at a very apt time, after the birth of Christ, when it is time for Him to journey to Egypt.


I called My Son out of Egypt

Matthew 2:13 – 21

Joseph obeyed the instruction of the Lord and took his young family to Egypt, a land that was considered a place of danger by Israel. Egypt is blessed because she received the Son of God and kept Him safe.


The Long and Dangerous Journey

More than 200 miles, the secret journey was hard and dangerous. The gifts of the wise men paid their way, providing food and accommodation, taking care of every need.

Tradition and ancient markings record the route of travel and places the family stayed while in Egypt. Remember, the first century Christians were some who were alive when Jesus was born. They carried the gospel to Egypt, even as the Ethiopian Eunuch carried it to Ethiopia in those first years of the birth of the church.



Twelve pillars to represent twelve disciples

In these early days the vast majority of people were illiterate, thus churches were decorated with pictures and symbols to teach the Bible and help people to remember.



Bones of the Early Martyrs



Candles have burned for centuries for these who died for their faith 2000 years ago. The light of Christ has never gone out. Today a greater number of believers are dying for their faith than in all of history put together. His Light shines brighter and brighter. A fire that cannot be extinguished in the heart of the true believer. It is sobering to stand before some of those bones.

And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell upon the earth?

And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed also as they were, should be fulfilled.” Revelation 6:10,11



The Good Shepherd

This is probably the most famous Christian symbol in Egypt. During the first centuries it was the most popular sign for Christians. More used that the fish sign or even the cross. This is the way chosen to portray Jesus as the good shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep.



In Egypt today, there are many churches overflowing with believers who fervently follow Jesus. What most of the world does not know, is that there is an awakening amoungst Muslims also, with a rapidly increasing number receiving Jesus as Saviour. Jesus is appearing to them in visions and dreams as they seek to know the Truth. Because of great persecution and because of not wanting to lose the opportunity of the place they are in, many of these continue in their families and communities as secret believers.



We visited this lively Presbyterian Church

We attended service at this Presbyterian Church with our hosts. The awakening in Egypt necessitates several services a day. As one group walks out, another fills the church for the next service. The mettle test of the church was the prayer meeting we attended. When the church is as full for prayer meeting as it is for regular church, you know people are not coming just for a ‘feel good’ experience. The people pray with faith and authority. They pray the Word of God. The sick are healed, it is incredible.

CAVE CHURCH – In an area known as “Garbage City,” seven beautiful cave churches unexpectedly rise against the backdrop of Mokattam hills. Located in southeast Cairo, these Coptic Christian churches were created by the Zabbaleen, a community of garbage collectors who make their living collecting and recycling 15,000 tons of garbage produced by Cairo’s 17.8 million residents.


I took this directly from the internet, you can link on and learn!


Brothers….Let me address today to Egyptians and of course to all Muslims. Let me invite you to visit a great Christian Arab church in Egypt, Cairo. Evangelical meetings of believers in God, who are mainly Arabs and ex-Muslims (over 500 people), are held in a church called Kasr El-Dobara (Cairo, Egypt). It is the largest Christian Arab church in the Middle East, and seats 1,500, but accommodates an additional 1,500 in overflow seating through closed-circuit TV. Brothers, I have never seen better Christian community than in this place! If you will hear worship sermons which are held on Sunday at 7:00 pm every week than your heart will cry because God will talk to you personally through people chosen and saved by God. All Muslims are welcomed. I invited many friends who are devoted Muslims to this church and they cried because the words of God touched their hearts. I invited Muslims sheikh and people who lived in Saudi Arabia for a long time and made many times hajj. But all these people need to KNOW the TRUTH about God Jesus because salvation from their sins and approaching anger of God is only possible through their FAITH in God Jesus. Here is the web site of this church: www://www.kdec.net.

Visit this web site and listen to sermons daily online. Be involved in studyng of the Bible online even if you are living in Muslim countries. You ALL can be FREE if you will allow God Jesus to SET you FREE of your sins and transgressions. Believe in God Jesus and BE LEADERS …spiritual leaders in your families and countries. Be the sons of God chosen by Him to BRING Him GLORY and fruits of righteousness! Many of you became Christians because you heard the words of God Jesus but now it is a time for you to LIVE a HOLY life and God Jesus will bless you and save your families! Let’s be FREE and PROCLAIM the FREEDOM in God Jesus all over the world!


Through the Lattice!

These ancient lattice windows are made of wood or cane, some very intricately designed. They allow air into the window while keeping the room cool. They also give privacy to the one sitting at the window who wishes to look out without being seen.

Women were often forbidden to show their faces at the window as this was not considered modest. However, a lovely face was not always above displaying a bit of flirtatious vanity. Each window has a little door that can be opened up to show her beauty to someone she loves or wants to impress. These convenient little doors can also be opened to purchase a drink or treat from a vendor in the market street below. They let the money down on a string and the purchase is pulled up in a basket or bag. Window shopping? LOL!

In the book of Judges 5:28 we see a mother anxiously peering through the lattice to see if her son has returned safely from war. “The mother of Sisera looked out at a window, and cried through the lattice, Why is his chariot so long in coming? Why tarry the wheels of his chariot?”


It’s all about people!



What’s behind that door?

We stopped for a picture at a door that seemed to lead to nowhere. Where could that door that appears to be a dead end on the street possibly lead to? While we were pondering this, two young girls and a little boy stopped and said to us, “That’s the door of our house. Would you like to come in and visit with us?” WOW!


Strangers invited into an Egyptian home!


We were amazed to be invited into the home of one of these young girls where she lives with her mother. It is a tiny home consisting of a kitchen, a small room that serves as bedroom, living room, and minute bathroom. The girls could not speak much English but they were so friendly, we asked if they were Christians. They excitedly nodded ‘Yes’ and showed us a tiny cross tatooed on the inside of their hand between the thumb and forefinger. We formed a circle and began to pray for one another in languages that the other could not understand. It was one of the most moving moments we experienced in Egypt. When telling friends about this afterwards, they told us it was a very unusual thing to happen, for girls to invite a strange couple into their home. It was a truly a ‘God’ encounter. May He protect these brave girls who have indelibly imprinted His mark on their hands as a testimony to their love and commitment to Jesus, in the midst of a Christian persecuted Middle East. We are humbled to have connected and shared in prayer with them!



Yes… that’s me!


Pray for all mankind, show them love and kindness. Not all Muslims are Jihadists; pray also for those who are. Pray they find the God of Love, the One who IS Love. Pray they find the Truth, for the Truth will set them free. Call upon Him who IS the Truth, the way and the life. His name is JESUS!

Walking…….quietly interceding, praying softly in heavenly languages and in earthly, “Lord, my Lord and my God….. Full of mercy, full of grace, come and manifest yourself in this place. Let the people see your face. Pour out your Love from heaven above, even as I pour out my heart, for these whom you love. Come Holy Spirit, open blind eyes, open deaf ears, open hearts that are closed. Show the way; Jesus, Jesus, Jesus you are the way, walk among these who search for God. Reveal yourself, Son of God, Son of God……You gave your life, you shed your blood, you still walk amoung men…..walk and talk to these…. let them know you, let them understand what it meant for You, the Holy One, to come from heaven and pay the price for freedom. Oh it was a Holy War that you fought on the cross. A Holy War against all the demon princes of darkness and the devil himself. And you won! My Lord and my God, God’s only Son…YOU WON!”

Dear Reader, this is our reason for going to Egypt, our reason for going anywhere at all. Amongst all the wonderful experiences, all the fun and friends and laughter, we are learning more about God, more about people. We exist to serve and glorify our God. This is calling, our great honour and privilege.

Lord make me an instrument of your peace

Where there is hatred let me sow love

Where there is injury, pardon

Where there is doubt, faith

Where there is despair, hope

Where there is darkness, light

And where there is sadness, joy.

Saint Francis of Assisi.

Thank you for running this amazing race with us!

One thought on “Our Amazing Race…….EGYPT – Impacting, vibrant, fascinating! PART THREE

  1. Strangers invited in to find you were not strangers at all but all of you in Jesus…… WOW.

    These articles have been beyond fascinating and incredibly educational. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you.

    It’s all about taking Jesus everywhere we go. … so true.

    Love to you both! Jeff and Nicky

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