Our Amazing Race… along byways past the House of Fleas

Our amazing race is taking us on some different routes these days. The armed military escorts and big trucks travelling in the convoy are as much of a hazard as the ambushes. Filled with fear they race in and out of cars, dodging pot holes big enough to fit a wheel barrow in. Several accidents and injuries have been caused without a shot being fired. This, coupled with long delays and sometimes having to sleep on the side of the road while waiting for military escort, has caused us to search out the old roads abandoned years ago.

Economic collapse and monumental corruption, ambushes, (when was war ever civil?), forced recruitment of soldiers, rape, pillage and killing of the innocent, displaced families, hunger, refugees…and more, has changed the face of Mozambique to a shadow of what it used to be. We continue to believe it will not get worse to the place it was was just over twenty years ago.

Of course it all depends where you live. Those living in cities with access to everything they need and who are not travelling in certain areas may be forgiven for stating there is ‘no problem’ in the country. Living in the central provinces is another story.

In the midst of it all we carry on as normally as possible. We build relationships, help one another, share the Love of Christ, pray for peace, doing all we can to make a difference. Evangelism and church visits continue, we are more passionate about our work for God than ever. Most of our Inhaminga Team have experienced some kind of ‘event’, whether it be in an ambush with their bus being filled with gunshot holes, coming upon burned vehicles, road blocks or smelling rotting corpses on the road. We have learned to value one another more than ever, to treasure each moment and opportunity we have. It’s a journey that is not easily defined, it is simply lived as best as possible, doing what we are called to do.

We just keep travelling on, as you see in these amazing grace photos, believing to come out to better things on the other side. Enjoy the ride with us.

June (3 of 14)

The Long African Road to Gorongosa

June (1 of 14)

Ambush? No, just a tree across the road. Driving around it in a Toyota Land Cruiser is a breeze.

June (2 of 14)

Casa Banana (House of Bananas) – We want to plant a church here but as all our churches are called by the name of the town or village with ‘Wa Yesu’ attached to the name, we are wondering what it will sound like to have a church called ‘House of Bananas for Jesus’!

Abandoned Homes ~ Getting nearer to the Satungira region we find abandoned huts, shops and villages. Unbeknown to us fighting was just starting in the area, by the end of the day it had erupted into full scale battles that lasted for more than a week and still continue to flare up. The road was subsequently closed to civilians to we had to come back another way. 

June (8 of 14)

Just Lion around! Gorongosa Game Park for one night’s peace and quiet. Love our roof top tent. Early morning brought a bunch of monkeys up the steps.

June (9 of 14)

Camping at one of our churches ~ Jesus Movie at night, church service the next morning. Our breakfast was interrupted by military helicopters flying directly over us towards the area we had driven through. Taking a picture was not a good idea. They continued back and forth deploying troops, intermittently disturbing our service, disturbing in more ways than one.

June (13 of 14)

Communist Stars are in every Mozambican town and city, showing how the mentality of government has not changed.

June (14 of 14)

The return journey was a discovery in itself on a road we had not travelled in many, many years. We had no idea what condition it was in, there was only one way to find out. It started out not bad for a dirt road. Except there are no road signs. It turned out that the less travelled road was the one we should have taken.

June (12 of 14)

After a couple of hours the road has become little more than a footpath.

June (10 of 14)

Another Star at the outpost of Muziwangunguni (House of Fleas) ~ Now we knew where we were as we have a church group here. Yes, we have MUZIWANGUNGUNI WA YESU! Between the Bananas and the Fleas we have quite an assortment of churches. 

June (11 of 14)

We have been travelling 5km per hour for some time. 70 kilometres has taken us 3 hours. The road is getting worse and it is now getting dark. But that’s okay, we know the way. We will soon come out on a familiar road near Nhamacaringa wa Yesu. 

It is always good to be home and to wake up in the morning to join the rest of the Team at Matchessa Frontal.

4 thoughts on “Our Amazing Race… along byways past the House of Fleas

  1. We are praying !
    Smiling as I read house of bananas and fleas. God’s sense of humor is so fun!
    Abundant Blessings upon you and more!
    Love you!

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