A Normal Day in Our Life

Sometimes people ask us, “Describe a normal day in your life.”

Follow us on our amazingrace, and you will see that there is nothing as normal as the unexpected. Directing a ministry needs strategizing and planning in advance, yet life happens upon us and here in Mozambique there is a lot of happening that needs rapid response.

We do not run alone. Everything we do is woven into the lives of Team members and field workers. What we throw out they catch and what we drop they pick up. Thank you Afrika wa Yesu Team….you are the BEST!


Packed and ready to continue on our amazingrace from Nacala back to Inhaminga.

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Our Amazing Race… along byways past the House of Fleas

Our amazing race is taking us on some different routes these days. The armed military escorts and big trucks travelling in the convoy are as much of a hazard as the ambushes. Filled with fear they race in and out of cars, dodging pot holes big enough to fit a wheel barrow in. Several accidents and injuries have been caused without a shot being fired. This, coupled with long delays and sometimes having to sleep on the side of the road while waiting for military escort, has caused us to search out the old roads abandoned years ago.

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Our Amazing Race… EGYPT ~ Impacting, Vibrant, Fascinating! PART TWO

Just over a year ago our grandson Gabriel, aged 10 at the time, shared his dream with me. “When I grow up, Ouma (Grandma), I am going to take you to Egypt! “That’s cool, Gabriel. What will we do in Egypt?” ‘I’ll take you to the pyramids, we’ll find pharaoh’s tomb and we can get some of the treasure.” “Oh? Then what will we do with the treasure?” “We’ll go to Italy!” ‘Italy? I’d love to see Italy. What’s your plan for Italy?” “To buy a Ferrari and drive it all the way to Argentina, that’s what.” Gabriel is a Formula One racing fan and like his Oupa, he backs the Ferrari Team. “Wow Gabriel! I can’t wait!”

Well it turned out I couldn’t wait and am feeling a little bad about getting to Egypt before Gabriel.

Egypt 01

The Great Pyramid of Khufu… Rod keeping his finger on things.

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