Gorongosa wa Yesu… Political Hotspot being Won for Jesus!

March (5 of 23)

In a place where there was much political turbulence, and where periodic fighting and death was just a few kilometres away; we are privileged to proclaim the Peace of Jesus Christ and Salvation in His Name, to the small, yet hardly insignificant, town of Gorongosa. Gorongosa wa Yesu came into being when Rodney sent a team of evangelists on an outreach there. He felt strongly that this was a place where we were to establish a strong church. This was before the trouble started, he was prophetically on target.

March (2 of 23) The church started under a tree from mostly new converts. Pastor Lino led the group and established a relationship with Pedro who became our key man in Gorongosa. He has since been to Bible School at Inhaminga and is serving very well as a leader there.

March (8 of 23)

In a short time, the group erected some poles and roof sheeting. Very soon they had to extend it as people were sitting xoutside of the shelter. We took the brick machine a year ago and started the process though it took some time as we were building Quelimane wa Yesu at the same time. The progress can be seen through the photographs. From tin roof to a bigger mud building while the brick building is growing under the direction of Pastor Lino and the Inhaminga building Team.

March (3 of 23)

Spiritually,  Lino and Telvina are doing a great work there, they are living on site with their two small boys, and their brand new daughter, Naomi, was born there in Gorongosa. They are an incredibly intrepid and hard working family.

March (6 of 23)

After we had purchased the large piece of land and started building, we were told by the local administration that they would like to put a water well there and they needed a portion of our land to put it on. Of course we were delighted as we now have people coming all day long for water, a wonderful evangelism point at the well.

March (7 of 23) Our dream is to develop this strategic piece of property situated in a fast growing town into something dynamic for God. We need to build a pastor’s house, and eventually a youth centre. The land is big enough for playing fields also.

Gorongosa (1 of 1)

We are very excited about Gorongosa wa Yesu. We are experiencing the greatest measure of interest and cooperation from the local population that we have seen anywhere. We are delighted to have you partner with us in any way you feel led and are able. This is going to be (and already is) a dynamic work for God.

Rod & Ellie and all at Afrika wa Yesu.

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